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It’s interesting and a little embarrassing that I never really understood what science was until I was 20 or so, and I didn’t pick it up in school. Maybe it was never explained like it is in the video below, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention or thinking hard enough. I like to hope […]

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Agile Sentinel 725 Mods


Introduction Last winter I decided to buy a 7 string guitar after fooling around with putting huge strings onto and detuning the hell out of a 6 string Strat. The purpose of this new 7 string guitar was to provide Strat (-ish at least) neck pickup tones, twangy yet heavy bridge pickup tones, a tremolo, […]

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Trickle Charging /= Engine Starting

Cooked connector

So after spending 10 days in Japan with the Explorer sitting dormant at home and the iPod plugged in without the trickle charger plugged in, the battery died. I really needed to get the engine started in short order so I figured I’d try the charger’s “Engine Start” mode. This quickly became a lesson in […]

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Download: Mileage Spreadsheet for Diesel Engine Swaps

spreadsheet icon

A generic version of my mileage spreadsheet is now available for download. It includes calculation for miles per gallon, fuel cost savings, carbon dioxide emission savings, and even the miles required until the initial engine swap investment is paid off. A screen-shot is shown below. Click here to download

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B3.3 Explorer: Trickle Charging

Connector on charger end.

One effective method for reducing transportation energy usage (and costs!) is to move closer to where you work. My most recent move was a conscious choice to live close enough to easily bike to where I work. However, when you own a car yet drive rarely, the battery may lose its charge over time. This […]

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What size group do you most strongly identify with? Your family, town, church, sports team, state, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe? This guy only recognizes fellow Christians as his brothers and sisters. It’s a large group, but maybe not large enough: Link

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